Welcome to AcoustID

So in the last month, I’ve been working on MusicBrainz IDs retrieval and mappings. After that I spent some time trying to figure out how to start working on metadata retrieval. There’s so many pieces involved, after finally figuring out a rough plan, I started with the first piece of the puzzle. i.e AcoustID
AcoustID is a unique identifier which points to a specific entry in the AcoustID database. There are mainly two ways of accessing AcoustID database which are relevant to us, through fingerprint or through identifier. Former is more common, considering not all song files will have AcoustID stored. One good thing about my project is, once we retrieve chromaprint fingerprint or AcoustID or MBIDs, we are gonna make sure we writeback them to files, so that same calculations don’t have to be repeated.
Similar to how I extracted MBIDs from files based on mappings given by MusicBrainz, I had to extract AcoustID using mp3, vorbis and gstreamer extractors. Once again, GStreamer didn’t have support for GST tags for acoustid. So I had to update my old mr on GStreamer. Finally after few days, that MR got merged! It is quite an achievement!
I also discussed whether a new Grilo property is required for chromaprint fingerprint with Toso and Jean. They suggested that it’s better to keep chromaprint fingerprint within chromaprint plugin only and anyways, we can indirectly access them anywhere, there’s no need for them to be in core.
Other than this I also started working on browse operation to be able to return multiple results. I am not yet sure if browse or query operation makes more sense. Once I have first draft of browse operation, I will also start working on Tag Editor.

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