First Two Weeks

GSoC Coding Period officially began on 29th May, so it has been nearly two weeks till now.
For a week, I had gone to my home in Maharashtra state, so I couldn’t do much work. But I had already started working a week or so before 29th.
From here onwards, I will be spending more time on my project, and I hope to finish the whole project by July end.

Coding Period Begins!! But what to code??

Jean Felder ( My mentor for GSoC project) and Marinus Schraal (GNOME Music Maintainer) suggested that I propose a plan of the whole project. Now trust me! This is the much more difficult than actual coding!
I usually work on my personal projects and start working from scratch, but here the project involves so many different libraries, so I really struggled with making a plan with a proper timeline.
When I first started making plan, my first instinct was to understand past patches , now I understood some of them to some extent, but still I couldn’t see big picture. So I talked to Jean, and he explained that first I need to work in tracker and grilo then GNOME Music. First I will present short summary of my project.

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