Finally TagEditor!

After a lot of Merge Requests related with MBIDS and AcoustID, finally I started working on acoustid plugin.

Before the logic was to return the recording with most sources. Now, we need to return multiple results. We need to retrieve first release belonging to each release group of each recording which matched with the given chromaprint.

Each chromaprint can get matched with multiple recordings and each recording can belong to many different release groups. Now each release group can have many releases, but releases within a release group only differ in track_count, dates or release country, so this difference between releases is not useful for a single song. Hence we can pick any release, so I went ahead with the first release.
Now the doubt continued, after implementing browse operation we realized, query operation would make more sense, because browse operation needs a top level container which can be browsed.

I also started with first version of tag editor. UI is not polished yet, but I could browse through various suggestions.


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